String Crossings: Leaps Across 3 and 4 Strings

It is always easier to jump across the middle string(s) with the bow in the air and with plenty of time, but in musical situations, leaps come in all imaginable shapes and sizes (articulations and rhythms). Here are some simple exercises with explanations. At the bottom of the page you will find links to downloadable/printable compilations of exercises and repertoire excerpts. to work on this skill

The following exercises should be practised starting with both upbow and downbow. We can always start with the simplest, easiest version of each exercise by using only open strings (therefore with no left-hand complications). These however sound so ugly and are so boring that we probably won’t feel very inspired to practise, which is why the exercises are presented here with pleasant, enjoyable harmonic (note) progressions.

3 str leaps10ths

Look at the Three-String Chord Chart and Four-String Chord Chart pages for more pleasant harmonic sequences on which to practice the following “Sevcik-style” bowing variations.

3 str leaps sevcik type

String Crossing Leaps: REPERTOIRE EXCERPTS    String Crossing Leaps: EXERCISES