Vivaldi: Agitata da Due Venti

This is a virtuoso aria from the opera “Griselda” (1735) by Antonio Vivaldi (1678-1741). It is transcribed from the magnificent version sung by Cecilia Bartoli (viewable here on YouTube). The words describe an imminent shipwreck provoked by a storm with two violent winds blowing in opposite directions: one is the wind of love, and the other, the wind of duty.

The “Easier Version” is simply one fifth lower (in G major). Because of this transposition down it doesn’t use thumb position and barely uses the Intermediate Region, but it is otherwise musically identical to the higher version (i.e. with no cuts or note changes). Because it is in a different key, it has its own separate piano accompaniment part. This has been revoiced in some of its lowest moments to raise the register.

Edited Performance Version  Clean Performance Version   Piano Accompaniment Score (High Version)

Easier Version (lower)      Piano Accompaniment Score (Low Version)

A play-along audio of the higher-register piano accompaniment can be found here below. If we actually download it then we can play it at different tempi and even in the lower key, with the wonderfully useful and simple Amazing Slowdowner program:

Audio Download


The (high) cello version can also be seen here on YouTube. The video is from a live concert. The playing is far from perfect, but good enough (hopefully) to get an idea of how this aria sounds on the cello.