Repertoire Catalogue: Formal (“Classical”)

The cellofun repertoire library has two separate catalogues: one for “Formal” (“Classical”) and another for “Popular” music. We have used the term “formal music” rather than “classical music” in order to avoid confusion with music of the “Classical Period“.  The many pieces for which it is not absolutely clear to which category they belong have been classified in both catalogues. For a discussion about the difference between these two strongly overlapping categories, click on the following link:

“Formal” (“Classical”) or “Popular”: What Are The Differences

This is an alphabetical index. Pieces are listed according to their composer.

Bach    Bartok   Beethoven  Bernstein    Berteau   Bizet  Boccherini   Brahms  Breval  Danzi

Debussy    Dinicu/Heifetz     Dvorak   Elgar   Fauré   Franck   Gershwin    Gluck    Haydn

  Kreisler   Lalo   Lanzetti   Lloyd-Webber  Monti  Mozart  Ortiz    Paganini

  Puccini  Purcell   Rossini    Saint Saens    Sarasate    Schubert   Schumann

 Shostakovitch    Stamitz   Stravinsky

Tchaikovsky   Telemann   Verdi   Vivaldi

We have also catalogued our “classical” pieces according to their original musical source (genre):

Violin and Viola        Opera       Songs/Lieder         Piano/Keyboard       Other