Music for One Cello + Accompaniment

Because such a large proportion of the music in the cellofun edition Repertoire Library (catalogue) is for one solo cellist + accompaniment, we don’t have a separate catalogue for this category: it is the “default” category. Just search by composer or the title of the work. Every piece in the cellofun library is classified also according to its geographical zone of origin and all the “classical” (formal) pieces are also classified according to their historical period.


Music for one unaccompanied cellist doesn’t, by definition, have any accompaniment, and music for two or more cellists often doesn’t need an accompaniment. But music for one accompanied cellist, if played without the accompaniment, is quite incomplete. For this reason, many of the pieces in this category come with a prerecorded accompaniment as a downloadable audio file (or a link to a website where the accompaniment can be obtained). Click on the link for more information about these accompaniments.