Cellofun Repertoire Library: Instrumental Combinations

Any one piece of music could be arranged to be played by a huge variety of instrumental combinations ranging from an unaccompanied solo instrument to a symphonic rendition. The cellofun editions offered on this site are classified according to the instrumental combination of the final cellofun arrangement/edition but also according to the principal instrument of the musical source.

Instrument combination of cellofun edition:

  1.  Music For One Unaccompanied Cello
  2.  Music For One Cello + Accompaniment
  3.  Music For Two Or More Cellos
  4.  Duos for Cello and Violin
  5.  Duos for Cello and Viola
  6.  Duos for Cello and Bass

Principal instrument of source material:

  1.  Violin/Viola
  2.  Viola da Gamba/Arpeggione/VC piccolo
  3.  Voice
  4.  Keyboard
  5.  Wind/Brass
  6.  Cello