Basic Principles of Technique

On this page, we will look at certain fundamental, overriding principles/elements that apply equally well to the technique of both hands, and often even to life in general. These concepts are like the soil in which the roots of technique can grow and deepen, or like the foundations on which a magnificent building can be built. Without these solid foundations, without this healthy fertile soil, it is very difficult to play the cello well, no matter how hard we practice.

These vital principles include:

  1. Tension/Relaxation
  2.     Anticipation/Preparation/Overlap
  3.      Strength/Flexibility
  4.      Control/Overcontrol
  5.      Seating Posture
  6.      The Contact Principle
  7.       Claws Or Paws ? 
  8.       The Invisible Thumbs

And in this category of “fundamental principles of technique,” we will look also at the two vital subjects of the coordination between, and the separation of, the two hands. The subject of hand coordination deals with the problems of “fast/tricky playing”, which is where problems of coordination are most clearly revealed.

  1. Coordination And Fast Playing
  2.         Separating The Hands