communication draft

It’s not even a question of being introverted or extroverted but rather of having something to say through the music, wanting to share it, and of course, having the self-confidence and relational skills to be able to share it in the moment.

Claudio Arrau: extremely centered but always aware of the publics presence (respect).

Music is a form of communication – a  non-verbal language of sounds. Not using words, actually makes music even more potent as a language of emotions, colours, imaginations, dreams, images and fantasy because whereas words automatically engage the intellectual mind, non-verbal communication bypasses the thinking brain.

Even WITH words, in a normal human interaction, psychologists say that 90% of the communication is non-verbal i.e.  it comes from body language, eye contact, tone of voice etc.

So music, especially instrumental music

Arthur Rubinstein very relaxed, communicative performer, started as Mozart specialist but switched to Chopin para ligar !

Dustin Hoffman quote about acting school


at the same time something intimate and universal, momentary and eternal.