Traditional and Folk Music Transcribed for Cello

We have divided our cello transcriptions of Traditional/Folk Music into two main categories:

Folk Songs             Fiddle Tunes

“Traditional” music is usually strongly characterised by its country (or region) of origin so most traditional/folk repertoire can also be found in the “Geographical Regions” section of the Repertoire Catalogue.

In relation to the geographical origin of the different pieces, we do have a problem with where to put a lot of american “fiddle tunes” because many of those written in the USA are so closely related to european (especially irish and UK) fiddle music that it is difficult to give them a real “USA” identity. In fact, many of these tunes were published originally in collections of both irish and USA fiddle music (Arkansas Traveller, Chandler’s Hornpipe, Turkey in the Straw etc). Because of this confusion, apart from also being included in all of their possible geographical regions of origin, we have created a totally international category of “Traditional Fiddle Tunes” where all of these types of pieces can be found.