George Gershwin: “I Got Rhythm”: Transcribed For Cello

Here is the jazz classic “I Got Rhythm” transcribed and arranged for cello.

Published in 1930, this catchy tune was written by George Gershwin (1898-1937) for his musical “Girl Crazy”. We play it here in its original key of Bb major, with our usual alternation of octaves for the repeating verses. The “Easier Version” stays always in the lower octave, never going above the Neck Region. While the piece is notated in 4/4 we need to be aware that all the 16th note (quaver) movements should be played “unequally”, in triplet swing/jazz style, as if the music was notated in 12/8.

  1. Clean Version
  2.   Edited Version

Here is a play-along accompaniment: