Take Five: For Cello

Here is the jazz classic “Take Five” transcribed and arranged for cello.

While this classic jazz number is strongly associated with the Dave Brubeck quartet, it was actually written by two members of Brubeck’s group: Paul Desmond (1924-1977), the saxophonist, who came up with the melody, and Joe Morello, the drummer, who came up with the backing rhythm (drum groove). Interestingly, Take Five was part of a recording project, inspired by a trip to India and the Middle East, dedicated to pieces in unconventional time signatures. The record that resulted, called “Time Out” was the first-ever jazz record to sell more than one million copies. That was obviously a bit of very fertile cross-cultural pollination!

  1. Edited Version
  2.    Clean Version

And here below is an audio play-along accompaniment which is a little slow perhaps: