Piazzolla: Mumuki: Transcribed for Cello

This little piece of magic appeared on the record “New Tango: Zero Hour” (Nuevo Tango: Hora Zero), released in 1986 and which Piazzolla considered his greatest album. The cellofun transcription is a very loose adaptation with a 45-second guitar solo introduction followed by a simple piano accompaniment to the cello’s thematic singing. Piazzolla plays this piece very freely with a lot of ornamentation and improvisation in the melodic line. In the cellofun version we play the theme twice, first in the middle register and then one octave higher. The “Easier Version” places both repetitions of the melody in the lower octave.

Edited Version      Clean Version     Easier Version

And here is our play-along accompaniment backing track, with its 45-second guitar introduction to set the atmosphere: