Mozart: Adagio from Piano Sonata K576

This magnificent movement is presented here in its original key of A major. This is not an easy piece: it lies quite high and is quite harmonically (and melodically) complex. But its great beauty and profound spirituality are all the compensation we need to inspire us to overcome its difficulties. No notes have been changed from the original piano melodic line. In the “Easier Version” large sections have been transposed down by one octave to keep the piece always in the Neck Region. Apart from that no other changes have been made. The “accompaniment” for this movement will be very simple: it will consist of the simple harmonies (filled out) that are left in the piano part after the cello has stolen all the melodic lines. This accompaniment could be played on the piano, guitar (just a simple strum), harp etc.  The original piano part can be downloaded from

 Edited Version       Clean Version       Easier Version