Beethoven For The Cello

Thank heavens for Beethoven ! Of all the great Classical Period composers, it was Beethoven (1770-1827) who most wrote for the cello as a solo instrument. Although Haydn did write two excellent concertos for the cello, neither Mozart nor Schubert wrote anything exclusively for the cello as protagonist. Beethoven, however, somehow recognised the potential for the cello as a solo instrument and left us five Sonatas, two sets of variations and his magnificent Triple Concerto. To add to this wonderful legacy for cellists, we have transcribed some of his other magnificent works (originally for violin) for cello.

  1.    Romance Nº 1 in G major Op 40
  2.    Romance Nº 2 in F  major Op 50
  1.    Violin Sonata in F major Op 24 “Spring”
  2.    Violin Sonata Nº 1 in D major Op 12 Nº 1

And here below is a link to a compilation of repertoire excerpts from his music that can, should, or must, be played in thumbposition:

  1. Beethoven’s Thumb