Debussy: Clair de Lune: For Cello and Piano

This magical little piece of heaven is stolen from Debussy‘s “Suite Bergamesque” for solo piano, composed originally in 1890 but then extensively revised in 1905. In this transcription, the cello takes all of the melodic material and the piano is relegated to a simple accompaniment role. The accompaniment can also be played on the harp or guitar.

It is presented here in two keys: its original key of Db major and in a version transposed down a semitone into C major, which is slightly easier. The “Easiest Version” is a version in C major in which the passages which use the higher fingerboard regions are transposed down an octave.

  1. In Db: Edited Version
  2.      In Db: Clean Version
  3.       In Db: Piano Score

Here is an audio of a play-along accompaniment in Db major. It has a one-beat (duplet) introduction added so that we can know when to start playing:

  1.  In C: Edited Version
  2.       In C: Easier (Lower) Version
  3.       In C: Piano Score

Here is the same audio of a play-along accompaniment but this time one semitone lower, in the key of C major. Once again, we have a one-beat (duplet) introduction so that we can know when to start playing:


And here are all the sheet music files in XML format so that they can be improved, reworked etc

Clair De Lune XML ALL