Mozart: First Movement (Theme and Variations) from Piano Sonata K331: For Cello and Accompaniment

Here is the sheet music of a cello transcription of the first movement of Mozart’s magnificent piano sonata in A Major K331. This movement, when played with all of Mozart’s repeats, lasts more than 12 minutes and with its six very different variations is like a stand-alone concert piece (Fantasia). Each of the six variations has the same structure with an 8-bar phrase followed by a 10-bar phrase, both of which are repeated. Unlike for the repeats of huge sections in symphonies and large scale works, the respect (playing) of the small repeats in this movement seems to be absolutely necessary. The key for the cello transcription has been lowered by a major third, bringing it into F major.

In this transcription for cello and accompaniment, two versions are presented:

Here below are links to the downloadable/printable sheet music:

  1. Equal Duo: Edited Cello Part
  2.        Clean Cello Part
  3.        Accompaniment Part
  1. Unequal Duo: Edited Cello Part
  2.      Clean Cello Part
  3.      Accompaniment Part

The accompaniment – especially the simple one of the “unequal” duo – can also theoretically be played on the harp or guitar. When played on the piano, we may want to fill in the harmonies with the pianist’s “spare” hand and fingers.

Here is an audio of the original piano sonata movement, recorded in 1958 by the extraordinary Walter Klien (1928-1991). It is played here in our key of F major so that we can play along with this master interpreter if we wish: