Mozart: Adagio from Piano Sonata K332: For Cello

Stealing this magical movement from the piano for the cello is like stealing an Aladdin’s cave full of treasures. It also gives us some insight into how Mozart improved his pieces on revisiting them: a comparison of his autograph manuscript with the first published edition reveals several beautiful decorative additions to the basic melodic line of his initial composition. These have been incorporated into this cello transcription.

This movement is presented in its original key. The Easier Version has a few note changes but is principally made easier by having large sections transposed down by an octave. The accompaniment will be a very simple harmonic carpet under the melodic line. This accompaniment can be elaborated from the notes (chords) that are left behind in the piano part (available from when we extract the melodic line.

  1.    Edited Version
  2.    Clean Version
  3.    Easier Version