Mozart Violin Sonata K403 in C: Transcribed for Cello

Here is the sheet music for the first movement of Mozart‘s Violin Sonata in C K403 transcribed for cello and piano. As this transcription is in the original key, any standard piano part (available for free download from can be used.

This sonata was written for his wife Constanza, never completed, and probably never meant for publication. Only the first 20 bars of the last movement were written by Mozart and it was his student Maximilian Stadler who composed the remaining 124 bars. Those 124 bars don’t really feel or sound like Mozart, which is why this final movement has not been transcribed here. The second (slow) movement is very nice and would have been transcribed here for cello except that it leads directly (attaca) into the last movement. Because it doesn’t have an ending it can’t be played as a stand-alone piece, which is why it has not been transcribed for cello here.

FIRST MOVEMENT: Allegro moderato

  1.   Edited Performance Version
  2.   Clean Performance Version
  3.   Easier Version
  4.   Literal Transcription

Here below is a play-along audio file of the piano accompaniment, with thanks to the Violin PlayAlong YouTube channel. The original accompaniment has been speeded up and a two-beat introduction has been added so that we can know when to start.