Mozart Violin Sonata K302

Eb major is not an easy key on the cello. The fact of not being able to use the open A string or harmonic, together with the frequent and unavoidable use of extensions, make some of the passages in this two-movement Sonata really quite awkward.

The melodic passage in bars 10-14 (and again in bars 116-120) of the first movement has been transposed down an additional octave for both the “Concert Version” and the “Easier Version”. This is indicated in the part, for those who might prefer (dare) to play it at the “correct” register. Some chords have been revoiced (bars 25, 68 and 180). No notes have been changed in the second movement although it would be tempting to remove notes from the piano part in places: it doubles the cello’s melodic lines in 62 bars of this movement (30%) which makes it sound (and feel) like a “beginners sonata” …….

The two movements are presented together simply for the convenience of the page-turns (layout).

Edited Concert Version   Clean Concert Version      Easier Version        Literal Transcription