Mozart Violin Sonata in F K376: Transcribed for Cello

Many passages in this sparkling Mozart Violin Sonata lie in the higher registers and need the use of the thumb. To produce the “Easier Versions” (which stay always in the Neck Region), almost 70% of the cello’s interventions of the first movement, and half of those of the last movement, needed to be transposed down an octave. Just as well the slow movement is quite low, with only 1/4 of the cellos interventions needing to be put in the lower octave.


The first and second movements of this sonata are published together simply because of page layout considerations. The chords in the bars 1-2 and 74-75 are revoiced, but apart from that there are no other note changes.

Edited Concert Version    Clean Concert Version    Easier Version    Literal Transcription


No notes have been changed in the cello transcription of this movement.

Edited Concert Version   Clean Concert Version    Easier Version   Literal Transcription