Dushkin/Von Paradis: Sicilienne: Transcribed for Cello

Here you will find the free downloadable sheet music for this beautiful “Sicilienne” which although attributed to the blind Austrian pianist/composer Maria Theresa von Paradis (1759-1824) was actually composed by its supposed discoverer, arranger, and principal player, the violinist Samuel Dushkin (1891-1976) in the middle of the 20th-century. Just as with the many works that Fritz Kreisler composed around the same period but attributed to other lesser-known composers of earlier epochs, this is a magnificent composition – a miniature masterpiece – that Dushkin (and Maria von Paradis) could be very proud of.

In the cellofun editions, instead of writing repeat signs for the two repeating sections from bar 1-10 and bars 11-23, we have written out each section twice. This is to allow the possibility of doing a somewhat different interpretation (dynamics, fingering, bowing) on the repetition of each section.

  1.    Edited Version
  2.     Clean Version
  3.     Easier Version

Here is a play-along piano accompaniment that can also be downloaded and then played at different speeds with the Amazing Slowdowner program (or many others):