The Beatles: “Get Back”: Transcribed for Cello

Here is the sheet music and a play-along accompaniment for the Beatles‘ song “Get Back”, transcribed for cello.

Curiously, this song only has two basic chords the tonic (I) and the subdominant (IV). In our transcription, despite the fact that the tonic (fundamental key)  is “C”, every B in the melody is a Bb which converts those C major chords into dominant 7th chords leading to the subdominant (F). What’s more the piece ends (drifts off) on the subdominant. For all those reasons, we have notated it here in F major. There is an 8-bar improvisation from bar 43. These eight bars could be a repeat of the chorus (get back…. get back … get back to where you once beloooonged) but we have already played this chorus so many times that to play this again seems a little repetitive. These eight bars have been left empty in our cello part so that we can write in what we eventually decide to play.

  1. Edited Version
  2.   Clean Version