Rossini: Duetto for Cello and Doublebass

Having been in love with this magical, delightful piece for 45 years and quite unhappy with the available sheetmusic editions, it was finally time (now or never) to make a personalised edition:

Cello Part: EDITED VERSION           Cello Part: CLEAN VERSION            Cello Part: EASIER VERSION

Doublebass Part        Full Score

This duo is such fun to play (and to listen to) that it is also offered here in adaptations for different duo combinations (cello and viola, two cellos and two violas). Unfortunately these combinations without doublebass require a key change for the entire last movement because the doublebass stringcrossing passage between bars 62 and 78 requires an open string on the bottom pedal note. While the bass has an open A-string as its third string, we cellists must use our open G-string, which obliges us to transpose this movement down by one wholetone, from D to C major. We have to choose what to do with the first two movements: either play them in their original keys or else transpose them down also by one tone to match the last movement.