Schumann: Two Songs from “Dichterliebe” Transcribed for Cello

Does music get any more beautiful than this? From Schumann‘s song cycle “Dichterliebe” here are two “slows” of profound depth of feeling: “Hör Ich Das Liedchen Klingen” (“When I Hear the Song”) and  “Am Leuchtenden Sommermorgen” (“On A Bright Summer Morning”). These are presented here together because each song only occupies three or four lines of manuscript. Never was so much said in such a small, seemingly simple few lines ……

The Easier Versions have just a few minor fingering differences from the Edited Performance Versions. No notes have been changed from the vocal originals but some small changes have been made to the rhythm of the melody in our transcription. We can do this because, having eliminated the words, our melodic rhythm is – unlike for singers and the composer – no longer limited by the syllabic structure of the original poems, and also because we, unlike singers, don’t need to stop notes in order to breathe (see Transcribing Vocal Music).

  1. Edited Performance Versions
  2.   Clean Performance Versions 
  3.   Easier Versions
  4.   Literal Transcriptions

The play-along audio of the piano accompaniments can be found here below. If we actually download them then we can play them at different tempi with the wonderfully useful and simple Amazing Slowdowner program:

Here is “Hör Ich ….”


And here is “Am Leuchtenden Sommermorgen ….”