Pablo de Sarasate y Navascués (Pamplona 1844 – Biarritz 1908), was one of the most famous violinists of his time. He was also a magnificent composer.  Like Paganini and Kreisler, Sarasate wrote mainly violin pieces which he himself played. Below are the available pieces by Sarasate.

  1. Playera
  2.      Romanza Andaluza
  3.    Zapateado

Here also is a link to another violin piece by Sarasate, transcribed for cello by David Johnstone at This is a virtuoso piece even for violin, and is presented here for cello in the original key, which makes it doubly virtuosic on the cello (and on a whole different playing level to the above transcriptions). On a difficulty level of 1-10, the hardest passages would certainly qualify as at least 9.5!

  1. Malagueña