Schubert: Litanei D343 (from Am Tage Aller Seelen)

This heavenly song lies perfectly for the cello in the original key. In fact we can even play it in both the tenor and soprano octaves, which is what we do in our Performance Versions. In the versions offered here we repeat the song only once (thus making two verses) but the original song has three verses so we might like to play a third verse to finish, once again in the lower register. The “Easier Version” is identical to the Performance Version except that it stays always in the lower register for both verse repetitions. No notes have been changed from Schubert‘s original for any of our versions but some small changes have been made to the melodic rhythm. The piano accompaniment part can be downloaded here

  Edited Performance Version   Clean Performance Version    Easier Version   Literal Transcription

A play-along audio of the piano accompaniment can be found here below. If we actually download it then we can play it at different tempi with the wonderfully useful and simple Amazing Slowdowner program: