Traditional Fiddle Tunes: “Arkansas Traveller”: For Cello

Even though “Arkansas Traveller” is an American fiddle tune, it is included also in published collections of Irish fiddle music, which is why it is included in both of these geographical regions in the cellofun catalogue. We offer this little piece in several different instrumental combinations:

The cello duos are offered in two different versions: an “equal” duo (with shared protagonism) and a “solo + accompaniment” duo version. The violin and cello duos are always “equal” duos and are a lot of fun, especially when the violin is playing the bass accompaniment ! The solo versions always have a chord chart accompaniment.

  1.  Cello Solo (+ accompaniment)
  2.     Cello and Violin Duo
  3.     Cello and Viola Duo
  1. Cello Duo (unequal)
  2.     Cello Duo (equal)

Here below is an audio recording of a simple piano accompaniment for the solo version. If you download it, it can be played at different speeds with the wonderfully useful and simple Amazing Slowdowner program.