Turkey In The Straw (for Cello)

This classic traditional fiddle tune is offered here, transcribed for cello, in several different versions:

  • for solo cello with piano (or any chordal) accompaniment
  • as a duo with violin, viola or with another cello

In the solo cello version, it starts slowly and gently before we play it in its usual lively rendition, but in the duo versions, it is simply played twice, once by each player, in its normal lively speed.

Solo Cello + Accompaniment       Accompaniment Score

Duo for Two Cellos     Duo for Cello and Viola      Duo for Cello and Violin

And here below is a play-along piano accompaniment, valid only for the solo cello version and not for the duos.


“Turkey In The Straw” makes a great partner for “Devil’s Dream” (another traditional fiddle tune). If we play “Turkey” first, then “Devil’s Dream” (now in C major) can be our flashy finale, with just a few bars of piano introduction in between the two tunes to set the tempo. This combination, for cello and any chordal accompaniment, is offered here below:

Turkey In The Straw and Devil’s Dream: Medley: CELLO PART

Turkey In The Straw and Devil’s Dream: Medley: PIANO SCORE

And here below is a play-along audio piano accompaniment for this medley version: