Bach: Badinerie: Arranged As A Duo For Cello And Violin

Originally for solo flute and string orchestra, Bach‘s original flute part is played in this arrangement by either the violin or the cello. For a perfectly equal duo, with a democratic distribution of both the difficulties and the protagonism (and for added interest), the solo part can change between the two instruments at each repeat. Alternatively, the entire piece can be played with one of the instruments always playing the “melody” line (this is the “Unequal Duo” version). An “Easier Version” is obtained by simply transposing the piece down one tone (into A minor) but apart from that it is identical to the “harder” version, and is, in fact not that much easier.

If one player finds the solo part too difficult then he/she should just always play the continuo (accompaniment) line which is slightly simpler.

In order to notate the piece as it actually sounds, several radical modifications have been made to the way the rhythmical structure is notated. These notation changes only concern the ease of reading and phrasing for the player and do not change how the music sounds. Bach starts the piece with an upbeat but in this arrangement, the liberty has been taken of displacing the beat so that Bach’s upbeat is now the downbeat. Also, whereas Bach notates the entire piece with a constant 2/4 time signature, in this arrangement, one bar has three beats. My apologies to Bach.

  1.   Original Key (B Minor): Equal Duo
  2.   Original Key (B Minor): Unequal Duo
  1. In A Minor: Equal Duo
  2.   In A Minor: Unequal Duo