Mozart Violin Sonata K304

This two-movement sonata is undoubtedly one of Mozart’s best known, most charming, and most loved Violin Sonatas. What’s more, it is also one of his easiest – only very few passages have needed to be altered for the “Easier Version” of the first movement (considerably more for the second however).


The note changes made in the adaptation to the cello concern: the removal of the octaves in bar 165, the transposition down an octave in bars 208-212, and the substitution of the final chords with single notes (the piano has big chords).

Movt I Edited Concert Version

Movt I Clean Concert Version

Movt I Easier Version

Movt I Literal Transcription


This is a “Minuet and Trio” movement, with a very inspired, lyrical trio. In the “Edited Concert Version” some passages have been transposed down an additional octave, most notably the entire first theme of the Minuet (bars 16-32). This theme needs to sound absolutely relaxed and easy, which is very much easier to achieve in the lower octave. Also, in the beautiful trio melodies, the first presentation of each theme is played in the lower octave and only the repetition in the “correct” octave. This not only gives more variety to the four repetitions of what is really one identical (almost) melody, but also means that we can really enjoy ourselves in these gorgeous melodies in their first presentation ……. which will help us to do well in their upper octave presentation the second time!

As usual the cadential chords have needed to be revoiced in order to adapt them to the cello.

In the “Easier Version” the main adjustments made have simply been the removal of Thumb Position and higher register passages. There are a few occasional notes in the Intermediate Region, but these are always in a relatively easy context, with plenty of time to find them.

Movt II Edited Concert Version

Movt II Clean Concert Version

Movt II Easier Version

Movt II Literal Transcription