Mozart Violin Sonata K380

Here is the free, downloadable sheet music for Mozart’s Violin Sonata in Eb K380 transcribed for cello. In spite of the fact that Eb major can be an uncomfortable key on the cello, this sonata is totally playable in its original key, which means that we can use the original piano part (available here from


A note has been added to the octave double-stop in bars 1 and 5 (and the parallel passages in the recapitulation bars 99 and 103) to allow it to be played as a chord.

Edited Performance Version       Clean Performance Version     Easier Version      Literal Transcription


No notes have been changed in this movement.

Edited Concert Version        Clean Concert Version       Easier Version         Literal Transcription


This rollicking 6/8 rondo is not easy-to-play music. Even when we transpose all the high register passages down an octave (as in the “Easier Version”), this movement still remains difficult because of the need for fast virtuosic playing (bars 116-140) as well as the frequent use of spiccato, complex articulations (bowings), tricky ornaments etc. The only note change in this movement is the revoicing of the chord in bar 189.

Edited Concert Version      Clean Concert Version      Easier Version     Literal Transcription