Mozart Violin Sonata K526

Although there are still two violin sonatas with higher Köchel numbers (composed supposedly after this one), this is in fact Mozart’s last “great” violin sonata, those other later works being a sonata for beginners (K 547) and an arrangement of a piano sonata (K570). Not only is this sonata “great” in every sense of the word, it is also one of his most difficult and complex. Although difficult, it is definitely playable in its original key of A major, but is considerably easier for the cellist when played one tone lower, in G major. The cello part is presented here in both keys however the piano part has not been transposed.


This is quite a virtuoso movement, even in the Easier version. The articulation has been changed in bars 23 and 27 (and in the parallel passage in bars 165 and 169). Nothing else has been changed in the concert versions.

ORIGINAL KEY:  Edited Concert Version    Clean Concert Version    Easier Version    Literal Transcription

DOWN TONE:    Clean Concert Version       Literal Transcription


These movements are presented together here simply for page-layout reasons.

ORIGINAL KEY: Edited Concert Version    Clean Concert Version      Easier Version   Literal Transcription

DOWN TONE:   Clean Concert Version      Literal Transcription

In the third movement half of the following phrase has been taken down an octave to avoid unnecessary difficulty:


This is indicated in the cello part with the “original + 8ve” indication for those who prefer to play with Mozart’s original register change.