“Hunting the Hare”: Traditional Fiddle Tunes (for cello)

This very simple little traditional fiddle tune, here transcribed for cello, is presented in a sequence of four different interconnected variants (styles). The notes in the four variants are always identical but the tempo and the articulations of melody and accompaniment change, each variant being increasingly lively. We start off with a slow, very gentle, lilting dotted rendition and finish with a top-speed “ice-skating” version. It is as though our little rabbit (hare) starts off in a very peaceful, tranquil mood, but then has to run faster and faster to escape from the hunt.

The piece is presented here in several different versions:

  • solo cello with any chordal accompaniment
  • any duo for a cello with either a violin, a viola or another cello (always with shared protagonism/equal roles)
  • as a “mix-and-match” duo for any possible combination of cellos, violins and violas in which each instrument plays from a score with both the accompaniment part and melodic part so as to give us complete freedom to choose which role each player will take in each variation

Here below are the downloadable/printable sheet music parts. Print on A4-size paper with no margins for best results.

For Cello and Chordal Accompaniment: CELLO PART          For Cello and Chordal Accompaniment: PIANO SCORE

Equal Duo for Two Cellos      Equal Duo for Cello and Viola      Equal Duo for Cello and Violin

Mix-and-Match Duos: CELLO PART     Mix-and-Match Duos: VIOLA PART      Mix-And Match Duos: VIOLIN PART

And here below is a play-along audio piano accompaniment which is intended especially for the solo cello version but is also valid for the duo versions: