Mozart: Rondo alla Turca K331 For Cello

This brilliant, sparkling, all-time-greatest-hit of Mozart can be played quite comfortably on the cello even though it is a fast piece that was originally written for the piano (what we play is the right hand of the last movement of his Piano Sonata K331). Mozart’s original key is A minor/major but it is offered here in two other keys in which it is more suited to our instrument. The “Performance Version” is in F while the “Easier Version” is in C, one fourth lower. No notes have been changed for either version. The Performance Version is offered also in an alternative arrangement without thumbposition in which the only difference is that the last thirty bars are transposed down an octave.

Edited Performance Version (in F)    Clean Performance Version

   No-Thumb Performance Version (Edited)    No-Thumb Performance Version (Clean)

Easier (lower) Version in C

The piano accompaniments offered here below are easy to play because they are basically just the original piano part, but with the melodic line now removed (and given to the cello). A computer-generated play-along audio of the accompaniment in each key is also offered. An introduction of 3.5 bars has been added so that we can know when to start playing. If we actually download these audios then we can change their tempi (speed) with the wonderfully useful and simple Amazing Slowdowner program:

Piano Accompaniment Score in F (higher)


Piano Accompaniment Score in C (lower)