Simple Extensions in Neck Position: EXERCISES

This page is a sub-page of the Extensions In Neck Position article. Here you will find an enormous amount of exercises for working on our simple extended position all over the Neck Region. This material is especially useful for small-handed cellists. Sometimes these exercises also take our hand up into the lower Intermediate Region but in these cases, we maintain the neck-position hand posture with the hand square to the fingerboard and the use of the fourth finger. When using the Intermediate Region in this way, we may find it helpful to place the thumb on the cello rib rather than stuck behind the cello neck (see Intermediate Region).

1: Fast Fluid Extensions On One String: Moving Through All Positions But No Shifts (Just Crawling)

First and Second Fingers Only      First and Third Fingers Only

First, Second and Third Fingers Only       All Fingers

2: Fast Fluid Extensions On Two Strings: Moving Through All Positions But No Shifts (Just Crawling)

Exercise 1A        Exercise 1B        Exercise 2

3. Doublestopped Extensions In One Position

3.A: Progressive Preparatory Exercises With Open Strings

First Level        Second Level      Third Level

3.B: Ultimate Level: No Open Strings

   Cossmann Doubletrill Exercises In Extended Position

4: Doublestopped Extensions Crawling All Over Neck Region

First and Second Fingers Only       No Extended Fourth Finger     All Fingers

5: Extended Position With The Open String

Extended Position With Open String

Finding Extended Positions After Same Open String

Doublestopped Extended Position With Higher Open String

6: Shifting To (And In) Extended Position

Shifting Up and Down To Extended First Finger

Shifting Up To Extended First Finger

Shifting Down To Extended Position

Shifting to Extended Position: DOUBLESTOPPED